Just Another Day 3: Shvans On A Plane

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Author: Axem

Website: http://www.axemspace.com/jad3.html

* In development since: September 2006
* Released: May 30th 2007
* Staff:
o Axem: Writer, FREDder
* Mods included:
o Core File:
+ 1 Cache File
+ 6 Custom In Game Animations
+ 2 Preload TGA files
+ 4 Custom Maps
+ 8 Missions
+ 1 Model
+ 9 Vorbis music files
+ 1 TBM file
o Extras File
+ 7 Cutscenes


With the death of FRED and FRED2 by the hands of Alpha 1, there no stands nothing to strike at the GTVA! Except for... Shivans! On a Plane!

The Shivans have returned and are bent on taking over ancient Earth aero-transports. We've got motherfrackin' Shivans! And there's not a got-damn thing you can do about it!

Just another day again, eh?



Alpha 1.


Why wouldn't it be? Get ready for the following things in random order!

* plotholes on a plane!
* copyright infringements on a plane!
* references to Disco Music on a plane!
* the power of ETAM, the next-next-generation of ETAK on a plane! (ok, maybe not)
* God on a plane! (MORE God on a plane may still not be God on a plane, your God on a plane may vary.)
* unexpected twist endings on a plane!
* MORE on a plane!

Download (51 MB)

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