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Author: c914

Even before the unfortunate loss of the Colossus to the Shivans in the Capella system, GTVA designers sought to create a destroyer to make up for the shortcomings in the flagship's design concept of 'Bigger and Stronger', which resulted in 'More Expensive and Poorer Deployment Options'. The GTD Sirona was an attempt to create a modern destroyer class warship capable of standing toe-to-toe with anything in its class the Shivans could throw at it, while unlike the Colossus being able to be constructed in greater numbers. In addition, while the modern Hecate class destroyers excelled as flagships and as command and control ships for fighter squadrons, the Hecate had failed to live up to expectations in direct warship combat. Command chose to deploy Orion class destroyers along side the Hecates to offset this weakness, but against the new Shivan threat, the Orion class destroyers were showing their age. The Sirona picks up where the Orions left off, mounting heavy firepower, both in warship engagements and fighter defence. The massive arrays of both medium and long range flak cannons make the Sirona a deathtrap for any bomber pilots that should attempt to engage it. Command expects that the deployment of even one Sirona alongside every Hecate, will improve the latter's survivability by fifty percent. Futhermore, as with its predecessor the Orion, the Sirona retains the fighterbay common to all destroyers, allowing it to perform solo missions and engagements.

- model: c914
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- POFCS work: Trivial Psychic
- Tech Description: Trivial Psychic
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