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Author: thesizzler

by Thesizzler

This modifacation's purpose is to enhance Freespace 2's enjoyment by adding
a new facet to gameplay. This mod increases speeds of almost all ships,
emphasises capitol ships by tripling their hitpoints (it's less than you think),
and to put more focus on missile use.

Version 1 includes the bare minimum: The changes in ships and weapons. In
addition to this, I added retrofited ships reflecting different situations of use.
For example, I made a missile cruiser version of the Aeouls that can more
effectivly combat enemy cruisers and freighters. I also included a bombarding
version of the Orion, a AAA version of the Orion, A boarding transport verision of
the Elysium, and a AAA version of the Fenris.

Version 2 Adds a few more changed ships, such as a Zeus upgrade. It also added an Aeolus varient that I made becasue I was bored. The campaign was optimized to a point where it was playable in the least. Right now it's still a little rough, as I'm busy with other things, but I'll get the things that aren't great fixed ASAP.


Version history:

V1.00 - 26/6/07 - Main gameplay changes. Different ship outfits.
V1.50 - 14/9/07 - Dampening added; changes made to flak, free flight time removed from non-swarm missiles.
V1.52 - 29/9/07 - GTC Uller added, minor revisions here and there of dampening
V2.00 - 26/3/08 - Aeolus-A3 added, Zeus II added, Bakha's afterburner fixed, Crossbow changed, Maxim changed, Optimized FS2 campaign added


Known issues with optimized campaign:

- High Noon can take very long. I'm talking like 10 hours. Use time compression until an update is released.
- Some escort missions take longer than normal; there some gaps where there are no hostiles.
- Some missions are harder than they used to be; likewise some are easier than they used to be.
- Sentry guns can actually gaurd stuff now. Unfortunatly since they're used in large groups in FS2 they're insanly hard to deal with now. I changed that in FRED, but I might have missed some.
- There are periods when nothing happens for a while. Just wait. (like in the second mission)

Note to user:

Feel free to modify and distrubute without my knowledge as long as proper credit
given to me. If it is a major work (more than two missions) contact me first, more
because I'm curious than anything else.

Download (6 MB)

Downloads on the old fsmods site: 798